Drift Away Eco-Lodge Cultural Exchange Program

Volunta 3 - Blue Zone Resort

Drift Away Eco-Lodge invites volunteers from all over the world to visit our little part of Costa Rica and join our hotel team for a few weeks. We hope it fosters positive cultural exchanges between local residents and people from other international backgrounds. When working and living together we can share our skills and learn […]

Best Beaches in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Playa Lagartillo, Guanacaste

One thing Guanacaste, Costa Rica is known for is its beaches! There are hundreds of miles of beaches in Guanacaste, a province stretching along the Pacific Ocean.  For our guests at the Drift Away Eco Lodge, being close to some of the most undeveloped Costa Rica beaches is a fantastic experience.  Guests on a beach […]

Best Sustainable Costa Rica Coffee Brands

woman picking coffee in Costa Rica

Wake up and smell the coffee! Costa Rican coffee is some of the best coffee in the world. Costa Rica has the perfect climate and volcanic topography to grow the richest, most flavorful coffee you’ll ever taste.  Drift Away Eco-Lodge is committed to supporting small-scale, sustainable Costa Rican coffee producers. Many coffee-producing giants engage in […]

Wellness Travel in Costa Rica

backlit balance beach cloud 268134 e1587746591314 - Blue Zone Resort

In the post-pandemic world, wellness travel will become more important than ever. Research has shown that travel improves mental and physical health. Wellness tourism in Costa Rica has been alive and well for many decades, long before it was trendy. Yoga, meditation, connecting with nature and the environment are all part of everyday life here. […]

Know You’re Booking the Best

Logos for booking.com and Trip Advisor Awards for Drift Away Eco Lodge

( Versión en Español abajo) Drift Away Eco-Lodge & Retreat Center Has Won the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award and the Booking.com Traveller Review Award for 2020 Drift Away Eco-Lodge Recognized Among Best in Playa Avellanas, Based on Outstanding 2019 Traveler Reviews Guests have said it best! Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center is excited and […]

Drift Away Eco-Lodge Supports and Celebrates Diversity

Diversity New - Blue Zone Resort

( Versión en Español abajo ) Diversity is a key element of our mission of sustainability and community at the Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center.  We support and celebrate our differences as human beings for the benefit of our guests, our employees and our community. Drift Away Eco-Lodge welcomes everyone, and does not discriminate […]

Costa Rica Surf Spots: Locals Reveal the Best

man surfing playa negra

  “This is the kind of day you dream about, just you and your friends, offshore winds, 85 degree water, quality waves, and the nearest parking meter is 800 miles away.” The Endless Summer II, 1994 Costa Rica is known to have some of the best surfing in the world. Some of the best surfing […]

Costa Rica: World-Class Yoga Retreat & Wellness Retreat Destination

yoga in Costa Rica

Yoga retreats in the jungle. Yoga retreats on the beach. Yoga with the sea breeze wafting over you while listening to the dancing palms and crashing waves. Yoga as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. It’s warm. It’s vibrant. It’s perfect. It’s Costa Rica. It’s the reason why time and again, in blogs, online […]

Blue Zone Costa Rica, the Healthiest Place on Earth

portrait photo of an old man 3075517 - Blue Zone Resort

You can feel it as you travel down the bumpy dirt roads, away from the touristy city of Tamarindo, into the Costa Rican countryside. A sense of relaxation and tranquility. Of calm. And Peace.  No concrete resorts, gas stations, or banks. No bright lights. No billboards or box stores. You are in rural, Blue Zone […]