Costa Rica: World-Class Yoga Retreat & Wellness Retreat Destination

Yoga retreats in the jungle. Yoga retreats on the beach. Yoga with the sea breeze wafting over you while listening to the dancing palms and crashing waves. Yoga as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. It’s warm. It’s vibrant. It’s perfect. It’s Costa Rica.

It’s the reason why time and again, in blogs, online travel journals, and international yoga publications, Costa Rica ranks as one of the top destinations globally for yoga retreats, wellness retreats, yoga vacations, and yoga teacher training. Yoga in Costa Rica is flourishing and is an important part of the economy. 

When it comes to wellness and the best yoga retreats, Costa Rica is the only destination in the tropical and subtropical Americas to make this claim. So why does this tiny country attract so much yogic energy?

Here are six reasons why wellness retreats and yoga retreats in Costa Rica are so popular, and why Costa Rica should be your choice for your next wellness vacation.

Yoga in Costa Rica: 6 reasons why yoga’s heart is here

Immersed in Nature

Costa Rica is known as being one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. You can feel the life-giving energy as soon as you step off the plane. Costa Rica’s array of life is stunning. Consisting of only .03% of the world’s land mass, Costa Rica is home to 5 percent of the world’s biodiversity. 

You are immersed in nature here, and the connection with the world around you is strong. Rivers, beaches, waterfalls, rain forests, and mountains offer a vast array of natural beauty to enhance your well-being. 

Pura Vida: 

Costa Rica is consistently ranked as one of the happiest places in the world. The people here are welcoming, respectful, optimistic, and friendly. There is a way of life here embraced by all. It’s called Pura Vida (pure life), which is a mindful philosophy of cherishing the present moment, living a good life, and being unhindered by life’s daily stresses.

It doesn’t take long for the infectious attitude to spread to visitors. Your Costa Rica retreat will have this Pura Vida feeling – a life essence that will wash over your next wellness vacation, yoga retreat, or yoga teacher training.


There is no winter in the tropics, so wellness retreats and yoga vacations in Costa Rica can be held 12-months of the year. From the cool, lush mountain jungles to the warm, breezy beaches, temperatures here are mild to warm, even at night. Yogis can practice outdoors in any number of environments. No snow to shovel, no sleet to drive through – just swaying palm trees, hypnotic ocean waves and monkeys in the flowering trees. Bring a swimsuit, flip flops and your yoga clothes. Packing is simple.

Costa Rica yoga. Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay
A Costa Rica yoga experience. Image by Dana Tentis from Pixabay


A Costa Rica yoga retreat will cost you much less than you think. Compared to prices in places such as the United States, Canada, or Europe, Costa Rica yoga retreats are relatively affordable. According to Yoga Travel Tree, Costa Rica retreat prices can range between $500 and $3,000. 

Health, Wellness & Sustainability: 

Ecotourism, and health and wellness tourism in Costa Rica were important long before it was popular anywhere else. In Costa Rica, eco retreats and wellness tourism aren’t fads. 

Well-being and health are important facets of the Costa Rica retreat and vacation experience and have been so for a long time. Plus, Costa Rica has no military, has universal health care, a strategy to ban all fossil fuels by 2050, and is one of the most progressive countries in terms of environmental protection, resource conservation, socio-political equality and democratic values. When you visit Costa Rica you know you are visiting and contributing to a special place in the world.

Other Activities: 

Another reason why wellness and  yoga retreats in Costa Rica are so popular is the wealth of activities available. From zip-lining and surfing (we have some of the best in the world!), to hiking to waterfalls and sailing, the abundance of fun activities will make your time in Costa Rica unforgettable.

Best Costa Rica Retreat Centers: Where To Go

Several areas are already famous for Costa Rica yoga retreats. Nosara, Samara, Santa Teresa, Montezuma, the Central Valley, the Caribbean south coast, and Tamarindo are home to dozens of world class wellness retreat centers in wonderful, exotic locations.

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Yoga Retreat Center
Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center is the newest option in the Tamarindo area.

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center is the newest option in the Guanacaste area near Tamarindo. In early 2020 we completed a beautiful new, spacious yoga shala on our property. It can welcome up to 32 people for a yoga class. It is open-air so the sea breeze can cool you as you look out on our lush garden of tropical plants, trees and flowers. Retreat leaders who have already visited say it is one of the best yoga shalas they have ever used! 

We also offer equipment such as mats, blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters. The yoga shala at Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center is also perfect for cacao ceremonies, workshops, training, meditation, and other group activities.

Add three meals of homemade, all-natural locally grown food, a beautiful swimming pool, free access to surf boards and bicycles, a lovely little beach just meters away, and attentive, caring staff. Our commitment to sustainability and community in everything we do means you will be positively contributing to the local environment and economy. 

Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center is a perfect place for your next wellness retreat. 

We sincerely hope that your next yoga retreat will be in Costa Rica. Staff at the Drift Away Eco-Lodge and Retreat Center are looking forward to working with you to make your yoga or wellness retreat fulfilling and life-changing for all.

Namaste, and Pura Vida.

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