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Most fans of the waves have dreamed with Costa Rica at least once in their lifetimes. With warm beaches of white sand, perfect sunny weather, and a well-developed tourism industry with great hotels in Guanacaste Liberia, this country is an excellent choice to surf regardless of your level.

Hotel Guanacaste Liberia - The most interesting option for surfers

There is always a lot to consider when planning a trip. For that reason, we have built in the Blue Zone Resort a small guide to help you do a masterful itinerary. You will discover some of the best spots to surf in Guanacaste Province, and the preferred time to arrive there in the year. Keep in mind that all destinations have their moments of strong affluence of tourists.

Budget and weather | When should you travel?

The time you decide to travel probably depends on certain circumstances such as weather and surfing conditions. However, it is good to consider that, if your ideal location requires visiting in high season, booking in advance helps you save time and money. It is also important to remember that, as a tropical country, the classical four seasons are not a factor, which means you can surf all year long.

Low season

This season happens between May and November. In terms of climate conditions, it is also known as the rainy season. The upside of traveling during these months is the reduced prices for accommodations, while the downside is the risk of rural roads becoming inaccessible. This means any remote spot may not be the best choice.

If you choose to travel between May and July, or in November, rain should not be a problem as long as the path is not blocked since it is more common that it rains at night. The weather will still be good during the day and prices are more affordable. If you do not mind the rain and prefer adrenaline, though, you may want to visit Costa Rica in September and October since storms and swells may produce better waves for your surfing needs.

High season

Tourism and prices increase during the dry season. This means the booking is essential for saving both your spot and money as mentioned before. The sunny days are perfect for enjoying the warm water on the beach. Therefore, it is easier to reach any surfing spot you may want to explore.

In particular, Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter have even strong influence on masses. Whenever possible, try to avoid these dates, since they are the most expensive days, and the beaches may be crowded with both local and tourists.

Most famous beaches for surfing

Surfing spots | Where should you travel?

Although you can find surfing spots all over the country, the northern region -particularly in Guanacaste- has some of the best and most famous beaches for surfing. If you travel in February, do not mind driving for one hour and have an advanced surfing level, try to visit Witch’s Rock in Playa Naranjo for some of the most famous waves in the world.

Playa Avellanas

This is an ideal choice for everyone, regardless of their surfing experience. Even though it is a rocky beach, the waves are gentle enough during the dry season. For this reason, the Avellanas Surf School offers 90-minutes lessons for all levels. At only one kilometer away from the Blue Zone Resort, it is such a practical and exciting choice.

Another amazing characteristic of this beach is that there are five different wave peaks, including a river mouth, and each of them offers a different challenge. La Purruja is a coral reef with powerful waves in the rainy season. Lola and Palo Seco are beach breaks, and the latter provides heavier waves. Finally, if you keep going to the north, you will find Little Hawaii, a rocky reef break that is only recommended for experienced surfers.

Playa Negra

The wave and breaks of this beach will be a delight for both professionals and newbies. It is close to our eco-lodge as well, so you will only need to book a board with our surfboard rental, and throw yourself into the adventure. However, you must avoid surfing during the low tide, even if you are a professional surfer since it can be dangerous.

Regardless of your expertise or where you decide to go, the Blue Zone Resort will offer you a great experience and transportation options to make your trip unforgettable. Visit our website and make your reservation as soon as possible. You will not regret!

Source: Josymar Fuentes V – Youtube