What does make scuba diving in Costa Rica such a special activity?

Scuba diving is undoubtedly an incredible experience. Moving through water almost feel like floating in the air and the beautiful landscapes and marine wildlife you can watch are truly unforgettable. Especially if you are staying in a hotel in Guanacaste or a lodge like the Blue Zone Resort in Costa Rica, since this country offers some of the best diving spots you can find.

This tropical country counts with rich landscapes and unique fauna, as well as warm water that will make any diving experience a complete delight. Whether you have done it several times or you are new to this sport – you can still find pleasure and enjoy the Pura Vida in both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

If you have never scuba dived…

Biodiversity of the marine world

If you are just starting, the first steps will be learning how to move and control your buoyancy in the sea, besides signs and safety rules. Once you complete your first lessons, which can be booked from our service, you will be ready to scuba dive and see more. Some possibilities are:

  • Tourism.Sight-seeing may be your ideal choice, especially if you are interested in eco-tourism. Some people also learn underwater photography, to keep mementos of what they find.
  • Extreme sports. if you prefer to explore your abilities, there is plenty of options for you. Competitive underwater sports, challenging conditions, and unique environments are part of it.

As tempted as you may be to start, it is important to remember that safety is the key. Do not skip the required training, and never go on your own since you may end up injured for actions such as diving too deep or resurfacing too quickly.

If you want to do this activity, but you have not gotten a chance to learn yet, do not worry. At the Blue Zone Resort, you can book beginners’ classes before your tour. For recreational divers that have finished the basic course, the depth limit is usually between 30 and 40 meters, which will be more than enough for seeing the natural marine wonders of Costa Rica under the sea surface.

Diving conditions you may expect

More presence of deep sea creatures

The weather in the country has two periods: dry and rainy season. The former runs from December to April, and it is characterized by cooler temperatures (it can drop to 68ºF / 20ºC), more presence of deep-sea creatures, and up to 30 meters of visibility in the sea.

Meanwhile, the latter runs between May and November, and although you can expect a few hours of rain daily, it should not affect your experience as you will be underwater. The sea temperature is also higher, tending to be between 81-84ºF (27-29ºC).

The wide variety of diving spots means you can find one suitable to your level, no matter which one it is. However, some of them will require you have advanced certification levels since the conditions can be challenging, such as some areas on Cocos Island.

Wildlife you might find

As you may expect from the tropical coastline on a country with 5% of the world’s biodiversity, there is plenty to see. You will find big reef formations, besides some of the animals that live in it such as pufferfish, butterfly fish, angel fish or snappers, and even moray eels and octopus. In the rainy season, you may even see olive ridley turtles on the Pacific coast.

For those looking for more exotic species, you can also find fishes such as mahi mahi, barracudas, and wahoo. If you are lucky, you will see different rays’ species such as whiptail stingrays, manta rays, and spotted eagle rays. And if adrenaline and sharks are one of your favorites, keep your eyes open for the occasional bull shark.

A place to explore | Catalina Island

As the most popular diving site in the country, Catalina Island is an excellent option for its accessibility and a wide variety of options. It has over 25 dive spots, which means people from all levels can enjoy it here. Expect manta rays in the dry season, and unique volcanic formations to explore.

You can also arrange your pickup and drop off from the lodge, saving you the stress of looking for transportation and booking it, as well as traveling long distances. At the Blue Zone Resort, we are ready to make your scuba diving trip a memorable experience. Book your room now!

Source: Oceano VideoSub – Youtube